I am the Lizard Prince and I can do things…

The Book.

I will be working on a book about a human that gains scales. This book will be:
Lizard PrinceĀ – There is more information below.

What are you thinking about?

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Lizard Prince

Content Creator

I have been working on writing stories and internet content. Check back here for more information.

A burnt world

This story will take place on a world that has been devastated by a solar flare.

The once-vibrant planet now stands as a haunting testimony to the vast might of the cosmos in the wake of a cataclysmic solar flare. Its surface, which was formerly alive with life and stunning sceneries, has been devastated by the solar eruption’s searing wrath. An irreparable disruption has occurred in the delicate equilibrium that supported ecosystems and nourished seas. The very fabric of the planet’s surface has changed into a bleak expanse of burned terrain and stony wastelands, as if a cosmic painter colored the world with burning intensity. However, there is still hope in the form of underground water sources where life clings to existence.

The Gallery

Here are some images for the upcoming book.

Lizard Prince
Solar Flare