Lizard Plush Toys

Plush lizards make an entertaining choice for both children and adults. Certain plush lizards are realistic and well-detailed, while others are adorable caricatures with vibrant colors.

Best Lizard Plush Toys

Lizard Stuffy
Most Popular
Igor The Iguana

26 Inch Long Stuffed Plush Lizard.

Large Lizard Plush
Top Rated
Super Soft Plush Stuffed Lizard

This Lizard plush is 23.6 inches

Wild Republic Iguana Plush
Best Quality
Wild Republic Iguana Plush

This plush toy measures 24 inches.

Our Pick

Bearded Dragon Lizard Stuffed Animal Plush Toy

Lizard Toy

Super-soft plush fabric, Surface washable for easy cleanup Huggable and super cute & cuddly


Leo the Lizard

The perfect plush companion for watching movies on Netflix

Leo the Lizard Plush Toy

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