Lizard Toys

5 Pieces Bearded Dragon Plush Toy Set

26-inch bearded dragon plush animal set featuring four plush baby lizards. There are five plush toys in all, the four baby lizard stuffed animals have unique colors and range in length from 6.3 to 7 inches.

Bearded Dragon Plush Toy Set with Lizard Babies

Comfortable and Well Made

This five-piece collection of plush lizards is constructed from safe materials and has PP cotton inside for a comfortable grip. It won’t fade or break if you let your boys and girls play with them and give them hugs.

Lifelike and Fun

With their lifelike appearance and variety of sizes and hues, these plush bearded dragons should draw the attention of boys and girls and spark their interest in iguanas and other exotic animals.

Bearded Dragon Plush Toy Set with Baby Lizards

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