The Lost City

Xylorith, the lost city beneath the Alalenos Mountain Range.


Xylorith, the subterranean city beneath the Alalenos Mountain Range, stands as a testament to the resilience of its current inhabitants.


Carved into the heart of the rugged mountains, the city is a labyrinth of intricate tunnels, grand chambers, and luminescent caverns.


Ancient stone architecture, adorned with elaborate carvings depicting mythical tales of survival, lines the city’s vast underground passages.

Xylorith Entrance

Finding the Entrance.

Upon entering Xylorith, the Leyfolk are greeted by a soft, azure glow that emanates from bioluminescent crystals embedded in the walls, casting an enchanting ambiance. The air carries a faint scent of damp earth, mingling with the refreshing aroma of the subterranean pools fed by hidden underground springs. These pools, rare remnants of the world’s lost waters, providing life-giving hydration to the city’s population.



Winding pathways lead to bustling marketplaces where traders gather to exchange goods, their wares glinting in the gentle light.

Life in the Underground City

Daily Life

The city echoes with the sounds of blacksmiths hammering, scholars debating ancient texts, and children laughing, creating a harmonious cacophony that permeates the air.


Elegant bridges span across chasms in Xylorith, connecting districts and creating a harmonious flow between the city’s various sections.


The Council Chamber

In the heart of Xylorith lies the Council Chamber, a grand hall adorned with shimmering gemstones and ornate tapestries. Here the elders convene to make decisions that shape the city’s future.
The council members, their eyes reflecting the wisdom of ages discuss strategies for water conservation, agriculture in subterranean gardens, and methods to harness the limited sunlight filtering through crevices in the mountain.

Despite the harsh conditions of the world above, Xylorith remains a beacon of hope and civilization in the depths of the Alalenos Mountain Range. Its people, bound together by a shared determination to thrive, have turned the challenges of their environment into opportunities for innovation and community. In the subterranean sanctuary of Xylorith, life persists, resilient and vibrant, amidst the shadows of a world forever changed.

Subterranean Gardens
Underground city of Xylorith

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